Exchange Rate :

  • USD: Buy : 30.8500 | Sell : 30.9500
  • EUR: Buy : 32.3339 | Sell : 32.8039
  • GBP: Buy : 37.3408 | Sell : 37.9478
  • CAD: Buy : 22.4462 | Sell : 22.6873
  • CHF: Buy : 33.6240 | Sell : 34.1197
  • JPY ( 100 ) : Buy : 20.6313 | Sell : 20.8656
  • AUD: Buy : 19.4694 | Sell : 19.8080
  • KWD: Buy : 100.0400 | Sell : 100.0808
  • SAR: Buy : 8.1952 | Sell : 8.2522
  • AED: Buy : 8.3845 | Sell : 8.4268
  • BHD: Buy : 79.4694 | Sell : 82.2701
  • OMR: Buy : 78.0575 | Sell : 80.4502
  • QAR: Buy : 8.0130 | Sell : 8.5018
  • JOD: Buy : 43.1500 | Sell : 43.7456

At Cairo Exchange

Striving to revolutionize the quality of exchange services, our core objective is to render a unique customer experience. This forms an integral part of our vision of expanding our footprint in financial services.

Our strategic plan centers around our customers and community, with a focus on increased accessibility across numerous governorates in the country. We aim to contribute significantly to achieving financial inclusion, aligning with Egypt's Vision 2023.

We persistently seek improvement, driven by our ethos, the Great Difference, which propels us to consistently make a meaningful impact.

The Secret to Building Great Organizations is Great People At Cairo Exchange, we are more than just a team - we are a dynamic collective fueled by the belief in the power of human connection. Each member of our highly qualified workforce contributes to an environment that is not just professional but also nurturing and inclusive, reflecting the very ethos of our institution. Our branches are designed with meticulous attention to engineering and security standards, echoing the civilized and sophisticated face of our organization. As an investment arm of Banque du Caire, we emerged in the second half of 2022 as a formidable entity in the exchange market. Our ambition knows no bounds as we aim to not only be among the largest exchange companies in the Egyptian market but also the very best in the years to come. We are committed to staying and fully prepared to tackle any obstacles ahead.

As the leader of this illustrious institution, I am imbued with a profound sense of joy and achievement. I stand confident and poised, ready to navigate our course toward the realization of our objectives and the aspirations of our esteemed stakeholders, ever reliant on God's divine guidance.

Finally, I trust that your journey through our website will prove to be both rewarding and enlightening, providing value that not only meets but indeed exceeds your expectations. We aim to serve you with distinction, fuelling your success with the insightful content we present. Here's to a fruitful partnership where, together, we strive for the pinnacle of excellence.

Mohamed Ragai


At Cairo Exchange, our primary aim is to distinguish ourselves as the premier destination for customers. Unwavering in our dedication, we continuously strive for advancement while steadfastly upholding our core values that define us.


Is to deliver exceptional exchange services to our valued customers within a professional, institutional framework that truly embodies our slogan: 'Great Difference'.

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Mai Elkorashy

HR Director

Our Team

Cairo Exchange Company is powered by a dedicated and diverse team of financial experts. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, our professionals bring years of experience to the table, ensuring the best financial solutions for our clients.

About Cairo Exchange

Building A More compact our future Economy

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Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs


Discover the convenience of being updates for your currency exchange and financial needs online through our user-friendly website that updates you with the latest ups and downs in currency rates.

In branch

Experience personalized service at our branches. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with all your financial requirements in person. Visit us today and enjoy the convenience of face-to-face interactions.

On the phone

Need assistance on the go? Our dedicated support team is just a phone call away. Whether you have questions, require guidance, or need to initiate transactions, our experts are here to provide prompt assistance over the phone. We're here to serve you, wherever you are.

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